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Tarana has completely reinvented broadband to make it faster, more affordable, and much more widely available in both developed and developing economies — with a focus on unleashing the potential of wireless as a fully viable long-term alternative to slow, expensive fiber builds.

Tarana was founded in 2009 to research, develop, and commercialize at mass scale a whole new take on fixed wireless access, powered by the efforts of wickedly smart and wildly ambitious PhDs from advanced radio architecture research teams (first from Berkeley, then from several other leading universities), along with Silicon Valley wireless industry pioneers with literally decades of deep experience in multi-radio systems.

We believed that the combination of a clean-sheet approach aimed specifically at solving all the key real-world wireless access performance issues simultaneously (noted here), plus our own developments in perfect mathematical optimization of bidirectional wireless signals and hyper dimensional computing techniques (with support from the broader downward trend in the cost of silicon gates) could enable very large advances in both performance and system economics for fixed wireless access.


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