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Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) and Billingware Solution
Product solutions cover hospitality, education campus, telco operators, with enterprise / commercial vertical, and other fields. We provide customers with customized or tailor solutions with professional products and services.
Focusing on providing comprehensive broadband authentication and billing solutions.
Accumulatively, we have been provided broadband billing systems for thousands of telecommunications, China Unicom, China Mobile, Radio and Television, satellites, residential networks, commercial Wi-Fi, and overseas operators. The operating scenarios cover education, tourism, residential communities, commerce, and enterprise.
As for Local market, we have successful supplied and completed state government implemented village free Wi-Fi [Kampung Wi-Fi], Telco BRAS for subscriber’s radius authentication, authorisation and accounting. Account bandwidth assignment, frame-route customization for additional public IP address assignment to subscriber.
General Education Metropolitan Area Network Solution
-The Municipal Education Bureau deploys a centralized certification cloud platform, and the Education Bureau unified exports and  unified management.
-The Municipal Education Bureau has unified authority management, level-by-level authority delegation, refined functional authority      roles and unified monitoring.
-Centralized or distributed access to lower-level schools and education bureaus, complete independent management authority, and user  business management in multiple authentication scenarios.
-The certification platform has a flexible networking architecture, first centralized and then distributed, and expanded in stages to meet    the needs of general education metropolitan area network construction and development.
The cloud platform automatically synchronizes the business data of the entire network to realize the roaming of the entire network
-Multi-level business data management, each city and county middle school keeps local authentication data by themselves, and the city  and county education bureau keeps the whole network roaming data.
-The user and business data of city and county middle schools, district education bureaus are automatically synchronized with the cloud  centre platform of the city education bureau to realize the unified management and monitoring of the city education bureau.
-Unified wired and wireless authentication for users in each school to achieve inter-school roaming and enhance the user experience  value of general education metropolitan area network.
Hotel business process integration
-Supports PMS interfaces such as FIDELIO, OPERA, Chinasoft, Westsoft, etc., and is highly integrated with digital hotels to improve the  information level of hotel business.
-Support the deployment of the hotel group's unified management platform, support the centralized and unified access authentication  management of multiple hotels, and centralized bill collection, so that the hotel Internet can further utilize the advantages of the hotel  group and provide differentiated services based on the group's network business functions.
-Support customers to independently choose billing packages on the web page, and provide VIP bandwidth services for customers who  need better network access.
-Supports flexible billing strategies for long private rooms, business centres, conferences, etc., according to different types of hotel  guests,  provides prepaid or post-paid billing strategies such as time capping, free days, free hours, and traffic calculations to improve  hotel broadband operations and profit ability.
-Flexible non-perceptual authentication strategy to provide a smooth Wi-Fi access experience.
-Support WeChat and Wi-Fi scan code authentication for PC networking.
CRM system linkage, providing members with a distinguished experience
CRM system data synchronization interface to guide guests to register as a member.
-Support the unified authentication interface of the hotel membership system.
-Internet discounts at member group hotels, hotel mobile client APP login, etc.
-Member exclusive high-bandwidth, non-perceived authentication function, providing 
richer member value.
Push advertisements according to the location of the hotel to promote the conversion of non-room business income
-Many non-guest rooms such as lobbies, cafes, restaurants, entertainment clubs, etc. are the growth points of the hotel's business.
-Realize different Portal advertisement graphics and texts according to the location of the hotel.
-Push WeChat advertisements and discount information graphics and texts according to the user's stay time.
Enhance the experience of hotel conferences, exhibitions and other activities
-Provide an on-site WeChat interactive activity platform for the event organizer to enhance the effect of on-site interaction and promote  the organizer’s marketing and promotion.
-Flexible non-perceptual authentication strategy to provide a smooth Wi-Fi access experience.
-Support WeChat and Wi-Fi scan code authentication for PC networking.
Completely customize Portal management to quickly respond to marketing needs
-Mouse drag-and-drop Portal portal editing.
-Drag and edit the page layout, picture size and quantity at will.
-Rich Portal components: countdown advertisement before authentication,    
carousel advertisement, SMS authentication, WeChat authentication, Ali pay   
authentication,QR code authentication, etc.
-Adaptive terminal language and terminal type.
-Diversified Portal push strategies: IP, VLAN, SSID, AP, etc.

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