Over the years Teleplex had successfully helped many customers and partners to adopt practical technology solutions that is reliable, stable, and most importantly after sales support. Our key fundamental in understanding the business dynamics and good customer support helps customers accelerate our solutions strategically and operationally. In order to be able to provide great solutions, believe in high reliable technologies while forming strong alliances with our valued Technology Principals. This partnership will ultimately bring tremendous success to every stakeholders for both the private and government sectors.

The only thing that is certain is to start measuring your business performance in order to improve operations and business functions, you will become the leader. We provide the solutions to help you get there.



We're constantly monitoring industry trends to meet the current demands, but to increase the satisfaction of our customers requires foresight and the courage to act on it. Our market-leading technologies and solutions will enable customers to create and operate high quality, service assured, carrier-grade, intelligent networks. The product solutions carried by us will provide capabilities for service differentiation that enable new forms of revenue production, maximizing network profitability and best practices.


To differentiate ourselves from others we don’t simply sell you the products or solutions. We follow our own internal process to conduct stringent technical qualification and certification before the technologies are marketed and distributed by us. We also firmly believe that product and solution training is crucial to ensure every partners and customers will enjoy every experience along the way working together with our Solution team.